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Quick Medicine (Qm) is a comprehensive, updated, easy-to-use, super-fast clinical reference app for your phone or tablet – Qm contains over 2 million words of information and has over 30,000 index terms. The App is designed to give you ultra-fast access to medical  information in a succinct and ‘key facts’ type format.

Qm is designed to be of use to doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and students.  Also Qm is a resource where non-health professionals can gain information concerning medical topics - however Qm is not designed to replace the need for doctor in diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions.

Qm was born from GPnotebook (www.gpnotebook.co.uk) – the premier clinical reference resource for family medicine in the UK. A guiding principle shared by the authors of GPnotebook is that we should provide clinical information to doctors, health professionals and students world-wide. The launch of Qm has meant that an affordable and comprehensive medical App that supports the needs of a healthcare professional (as well as a healthcare student) is now available.

Qm is different from any other medical app available. The comprehensive nature of the database combined with the unique indexing makes Qm different from all of its rivals. The database that underpins Qm has been developed over the last two decades (since the authors were medical students at Oxford and Cambridge Medical Schools) and has employed relational database methodologies in its design since conception. Building on this design we have focussed on providing concise granular content with pages focussed on topics of everyday clinical necessity. Like other resources we have conventional page titles such as ‘rheumatoid arthritis’ and ‘HDL’ however a unique feature of the Qm database is that it contains individualised pages on combined topics such as ‘HDL and exercise’, ‘HDL and phenytoin’, ‘rheumatoid arthritis and pregnancy’, ‘DAS28 and rheumatoid arthritis’ , ‘rheumatoid arthritis and pulmonary fibrosis’.  These unique indexing features meant that very specific queries can be answered by the Qm database.

What's more the fact that all the content is preloaded into your portable device means that you will never need to worry about a WiFi or 3G connection.

Qm for only 69p or 99c!

The App has been priced to appeal globally.  Please try Qm and if you like it please tell your friends!

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