6) Why is the text too small to read on my Android Qm app?

This is because you are unlucky enough to be one of a few Android 5.x Lollipop users who have experienced this problem.  Please update your app (to version 1.0.7 from 5th June 2015) and this should be solved.


5) Why do you charge for updates?

Database updates give you access to the latest information and clinical guidance from QUICKmedicine.  The process of continually updating information requires support and so we need to charge a fee. The update is a complete new version of the database and ay include new material in all clinical areas.  We expect to offer updates 2-3 times per year. We charge the same price for an update as we do for the original purchase.


4) Is a database update specific for a particular clinical area?

No, the update will provide new information covering all clinical specialities.  It is a complete database update.


3) If I don't update the database can I still use the app?

Yes - the update is entirely optional and your app will continue to work normally if you miss an update.


2) Can I make the font larger on the iPhone app?

Yes the latest version allows the text to be set to the required size.  Some Android 5.x users have found that some pages have very small text - our develop is writing a solution right now (June 2015).


1) Is there an Android version of the app?

Yes we have Apps for iOS and Android

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